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About "shippo"
Since the release of "necomimi" one year and a half ago, we got thousands of requests saying,

"We want a tail!!"

And here it is. We made the “shippo” ("tail" in Japanese) you've been waiting for.

In September 2012, neurowear and Kiluck Inc. developed “shippo”, a tail that moves according to your mood which was demonstrated at the Tokyo Game Show 2012.

Kiluck corp., the company that developed “shippo” in collaboration with neurowear, has launched a new project called “Tailly” on Kickstarter.
Tailly is a wearable tail that wags in reaction to the user heartbeat. Kiluck is now looking for backers on Kicktstarter to finance the production costs of the first product lot. If you are interested in the project, please visit Kiluck’s page on Kickstarter for more details.
*neurowear currently has no plans of a commercial launch for the “shippo” project.


Brain wave controlled shippo

A tail that moves according to your neural waves. We imagined it as an extension of the human body that would express the mood.
To use it, fix the tail with a belt and set the neural sensor (Mind wave mobile) on your forehead.
In the concept movie, the neural sensor is embedded in a Beret hat, making it easy to wear anywhere in the street.
There are 3 levels of moves, each expressing a different mood. The basic move for an ordinary mood is a slight twitching of the tail. If you relax the tail will wag slowly, and if you concentrate on something the tail will start wagging much faster.

ベルトを使って腰に装着し、脳波を計測するためのセンサー(Mind wave mobile)を頭にセットして使います。コンセプト・ムービーでは脳波センサーが街中でも被りやすいベレー帽型になっています。
necomimi-synched shippo

A tail that moves in synchronization with necomimi. A cable carries your mood from a special set of necomimi (equipped with an external output module) to your shippo. The moves are the same as the neuro-shippo.


A boshi (“hat” in Japanese) with a shippo → boshi-shippo → bo-shippo!!
This is a Russian hat with a tail attached to it. If you relax the tail starts waving slowly.
The bo-shippo is great to use in collaboration with the neuro tagging map.

shippo付き脳波センサーデバイス。ロシア帽の形をしています。リラックスすると帽子の後ろについたしっぽがゆったりと動きます。neuro tagging mapといっしょに使うことを想定しています。
If you have any questions or queries about "shippo", Please feel free to contact us at our Contact page.
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